Play PC VR Games Wirelessly on Quest Headsets with Steam’s Streaming Software

Meta Quest VR headsets offer the ability to play PC VR titles, with a requirement of being physically linked to the PC with a cable. Although third-party workarounds such as Virtual Desktop exist for wireless game streaming, Steam has now introduced an official solution.

Steam Link, which has been used for streaming Steam games onto phones, tablets and TVs, is now available for Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro. This tool wirelessly streams PC VR games from the Steam library directly to the headset, eliminating the need for cables. However, it still requires a capable PC that can run high-end VR games, with the recommended specs including an NVIDIA GTX970 GPU or better, 16GB of RAM, and Windows 10 or newer.

In addition to a capable PC, a 5GHz WiFi router is also necessary, with both the headset and the computer needing to be connected to the same network. The Steam Link app can be downloaded directly from the Quest store to begin using this feature. While this may not be a significant development for those already using Virtual Desktop, it opens up opportunities for more people to experience games like Half Life: Alyx.