PS5 Overwatch 2 Players Complain About Unplayable Frame Rate Drops

The eighth season of Overwatch 2 went live on Tuesday and some players are experiencing performance issues, specifically concerning frame rates on PlayStation 5. Complaints have been made on Blizzard’s forums and Reddit, with players reporting lag, even in the game menus. Some players claim that the game is “unplayable” on PS5 at the moment, with frame rates dropping to below 20 fps. These issues do not appear to be as widespread on other platforms.

I encountered similar issues during a brief test on PS5. My character took several seconds to complete a full rotation, which is problematic in a fast-paced shooter like Overwatch 2. Blizzard has acknowledged these issues, stating that they are investigating reports of performance issues for some platforms. However, it is unclear when a fix might be ready.

The performance issues are disappointing, especially since Overwatch 2 is an enjoyable game to play. PS5 players may have to wait for a hotfix before they can fully enjoy the game’s latest content, unless they are willing to settle for a less-than-ideal gaming experience. As an alternative, downloading the PS4 version of the game might be a temporary solution.