Revamped Discord Mobile App: Introducing New Tabs, Messaging Features, and More

In 2015, Discord launched its mobile app as a scaled-down version of its desktop platform. However, the company has announced a complete redesign of the app, creating a new and “independent experience” from its computer-based counterpart. This makeover includes a new set of navigation tabs displayed at the bottom of the screen: Servers, Messages, Notifications, and You. The Messaging tab will replace the existing Friends tab, allowing users to view all one-on-one and group messages in one location. Users will also have the ability to favorite a conversation to keep it at the top of their chats and utilize a search bar to find messages, files, pins, or attachments across all discussions.

Additional features include the ability to swipe left on a message to reply to it, as well as updated formatting for picture messages. The Notifications tab will now include server events, friend requests, and message replies, and notifications will auto-clear. The You page will include the Friends tab and account settings, offering a more convenient user experience.

In addition to the visual changes, Discord has improved the app’s functioning, reducing the time it takes to open the app and decreasing data usage. Voice and video calls have also been enhanced, providing a more intuitive user interface. The company has also stated that it is working on implementing requested updates, such as quick access to a server’s member list, improved search filters, more customization options for viewing messages, and overall app performance improvements.

Despite these updates, Discord has faced challenges, including a recent dispute with the US Senate Judiciary Committee over child safety online. The company’s CEO, Jason Citron, has been asked to testify about Discord’s efforts to protect children and address its “failures” to do so. Evidently, the company has faced scrutiny in this regard and will soon address these concerns before the Judiciary Committee.