Rockstar Games co-founder, Dan Houser, ventures into new creative territories with a graphic novel and an audio drama

The new creative studio “Absurd Ventures,” founded by Dan Houser, former co-founder and creative director of Rockstar Games, has announced its first projects, both of which are not video games, at least for now. The first project, “American Caper,” is a graphic novel focusing on two dysfunctional families caught in a world of corruption, incompetent politics, and clumsy crime. The graphic novel is illustrated by renowned comic book artist Simon Bisley. The second project is a 12-episode audio drama called “A Better Paradise,” described as a near-future existential suspense thriller. Absurd Ventures is collaborating with respected audio company Q-CODE Media on this project. More details about both projects will be revealed in the coming months, with the company hinting at potential expansion into transmedia enterprises, including video games.

On the other hand, Rockstar Games, the former company of Houser, is set to unveil the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto game in early December, with rumors indicating a reveal at The Game Awards on December 7.