Samsung Teams Up with Tesla and Hyundai to Enhance Smart Home and Electric Vehicle Integration

CES 2024 is almost here, and we’re about to hear a lot about smart homes. Samsung has announced a partnership with Tesla and Hyundai to expand SmartThings into the areas of home energy and vehicle/home automation. The partnership with Tesla will allow owners of the company’s EVs, along with products like Powerwall and Solar Inverter, to monitor and control their homes using Samsung’s SmartThings Energy app. This will display information related to energy production, storage and usage. Powerwall users will be able to sync the Tesla app’s “Storm Watch” function to their home devices, and activate the AI Energy Mode during power outages to conserve remaining Powerwall energy. Samsung is among the first companies to use Tesla’s “FleetAPI” app, which lets developers interact with Powerwall, Solar, Wall Connector and EVs. Samsung has also teamed with Hyundai to expand its SmartThings platform to Hyundai’s EVs and other vehicles, allowing “Home-to-Car” and “Car-to-Home” services. This will let users connect their smart home to a Hyundai car’s infotainment system. These new features sound useful, particularly for those with EV or Tesla power systems installed. Samsung will be providing an early look at these features at its CES 2024 booth next week.