Save $50 on Solo Stove’s Pi Prime Pizza Oven this Black Friday

Solo Stove’s gas-powered Pi Prime pizza oven is on sale for $300 for Black Friday, which is a discount of $50. You also get a free stainless steel pizza peel with this deal, for those times when you don’t want your bare hands anywhere near a contained flame that reaches 950 degrees Fahrenheit. That should be all of the times. The Pi Prime is the company’s second pizza oven and, unlike the original Pi, is completely self-contained, with a built-in gas burner. This makes it a great option for those new to the world of pizza slinging, as there are fewer pieces to fiddle with. As mentioned above, the temperature maxes out at 950 degrees Fahrenheit, but the front-facing control dial lets you quickly lower this temperature when needed. It’s a thin line, after all, between a pleasantly charred crust and something resembling the surface of Mercury. The round shape recalls the company’s well-regarded fire pits and there’s plenty of room to maneuver and cook a 12-inch pizza, in addition to other items. Inside, there’s a two-piece cordierite pizza stone that can be easily removed for cleaning and transport. There’s also nothing stopping you from using the pizza stone in your home oven during the colder months (like now.) Speaking of those colder months, the Pi Prime ships with a cover, so you don’t have to haul it inside at the first sign of snow. So what’s the downside? As previously mentioned, this is a gas-only stove, and propane costs money. This isn’t a huge deal if you only make pizzas once in a while, but could get frustrating if you’re working diligently to perfect recipes.