Save up to 33% on Tile Bluetooth trackers today

Amazon is selling a two-pack of Tile Mate Bluetooth trackers for $33, which matches the record low the set hit for Prime Day in October. A four-pack of Tile Mates in grey is on sale for 40 percent off from the manufacturer. These handy fobs attach to your keys, backpack, or anything else you don’t want to lose. The app —which works with both iPhone and Android — lets you ring the tags to find them nearby, and uses the community of other Tile users to locate items that you misplace out in the world. A 31 percent discount on a two-pack brings these handy trackers down to their lowest price yet. The network isn’t as large as Apple’s Find My, but in our tests, it only took around 10 minutes before the Tile was spotted. If you use an Android phone that’s not a Samsung, it’s likely your best option if you want to have a large finding network. One point to note is that you’ll need a Tile subscription (currently $30 or $100 per year) to enable left-behind alerts. If all you need is a tracker that will ring loudly and tell you when you left the house (or restaurant) without your keys, you could go with our top tracker pick, the Chipolo, which is 20 percent off for a four-pack right now. One nice thing about Tile items is they come in different forms, like the smaller Tile Sticker. That one is 33 percent off, making it just $20. The disc comes with a strong adhesive so you can stick it to smaller stuff that you’re apt to misplace, like remotes, headphones and console controllers. Our top pick for Androids in our Bluetooth tracker guide is the Tile Pro. It’s down to $25, which is just $2 more than the record low it hit for Prime Day in July. It’s the only Tile with a replaceable battery and we found it to be louder than an AirTag and any of the other Tiles. It’s got a larger key-fob shape and was typically quicker to connect to our phone in our tests than the Mate. Any tracker opens up the possibility of stalking, using it to track a person without their consent or knowledge. Tile trackers even offer an anti-theft mode that makes it harder to disable an unknown tracker that’s moving with you. But to enable the feature, the tracker owner must submit ID verification and acknowledge that misuse will result in a $1 million fine. Follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the Engadget Deals newsletter for the latest tech deals and buying advice.