Save up to 50% on Google Nest devices this Black Friday!

Black Friday is a time of mystery, and a time to empty your bank account. To that end, the internet’s chock full of deals on Google Nest products today, available via Amazon and Target. If you’ve been on the fence regarding some of these devices, like the well-regarded Google Nest Hub smart home controller/display, now could be your time to shine.These deals extend beyond the smart display. You can also snag the Google Nest Learning Thermostat or the company’s mesh router system, among several other items. Here are all of the various Google Nest gadgets on sale today, so you can avoid the big box retail stores and any chance of being trampled by excited shoppers.Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)Target’s selling the Google Nest Hub smart display for just $50, which is half off the MSRP and one heck of a deal. We admired this device in our review, calling out the louder audio when compared to its predecessor and the simple, pleasant visual aesthetic. We also enjoyed the snappy Google Assistant integration and the embedded motion sensor that not only helps with sleep tracking, but allows you to move your hands in the air to dismiss an alarm.We even thought this was a good deal at its original price, so it’s an extra-good deal now. There’s a reason, after all, this made our list of the best smart displays. About the only downside for this product is one that accompanies just about every rival device. The sleep tracking is accurate, to a degree, but the data isn’t very insightful. Still, it’s a fantastic option as a smart home controller.Google Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)The biggest draw with this thermostat is right in the name. It features algorithms that learn based on user inputs. Once you make your own schedules a couple of times, the system will begin to automate the task. This drastically cuts down on the amount of time spent standing in front of a small circle attached to the wall or fiddling with an app. It’s now available for $180 instead of $250 via Amazon, a savings of nearly 30 percent.As for the features, this is a full-fledged Nest thermostat. It’ll turn the system off when you leave the home, boasts both Google Assistant and Alexa integration for voice controls and promises significant energy savings over time. To that end, it’s Energy Star certified. This has to be wired into your system, however, which is worth considering.Google Nest Thermostat (2020 release)If learning algorithms aren’t your thing, you can save even more money by choosing the standard Google Nest Thermostat. This is the latest release from 2020 and Amazon has it on sale for $90 instead of $130, which is a savings of over 30 percent. This device won’t automatically change the temperature, but is Energy Star certified.It’s also feature-rich, with Wi-Fi connectivity so it doesn’t have to get wired into the system. However, some homes will require a C wire connection to control every aspect of the HVAC unit. Once connected, you can control it via a smartphone app, Google Assistant or even Alexa. There’s also a handy HVAC monitoring system that alerts you to any issues.Google Nest WiFi Pro Mesh Router (3-pack)For Black Friday, you can get a Google Nest WiFi Pro 3-pack for $280 instead of $400, a savings of 30 percent. All told, you get nearly 7,000 square feet of coverage with this setup, so even that dank corner of the basement should allow for a robust connection.We enjoyed this system in our official review, calling out the simple user interface, which is perfect for newbies, and the low price when compared to rival mesh systems. That last point just got a lot better with this deal. It lacks some power, however, when compared to some of the pricier mesh routers out there, but does offer smart home integration.Google Indoor Nest Security Cam (2nd Gen)This is a good option that has been made even more attractive due to a nice Black Friday discount. It costs $70 instead of $100, which is a savings of 30 percent. This is the latest model of Nest’s entry-level security camera. It’s wired, which could be a dealbreaker to some, and records video at 1080p.However, it has built-in algorithms that recognize people when compared to animals and vehicles, sending the appropriate alerts through the Google Home app when necessary. The camera boasts night vision technology and the ability to store up to one hour of recorded events should the WiFi go out. You can also watch a live feed via the web, which is always nice.Google Nest Doorbell Camera (2nd Gen)Amazon’s selling the latest Google Nest Doorbell Camera for $130 instead of $180, which is a savings of, surprise, nearly 30 percent. This is the wired version, which makes for a more intensive installation process but a more reliable end result. Just like the indoor security camera, this model boasts the same algorithms that differentiate people from animals, packages and vehicles, and there’s no subscription required to use the device.Your Black Friday Shopping Guide: See all of Yahoo’s Black Friday coverage, here. Follow Engadget for Black Friday tech deals. Learn about Black Friday trends on In The Know. Hear from Autoblog’s experts on the best Black Friday deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Black Friday sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you.