Securing a Refund for The Day Before: A Game Abandoned in a Mere Four Days

Fntastic, the studio behind the much-hyped zombie shooter game The Day Before, abruptly announced its closure just four days after the game’s release on Steam. The $40 game, which failed to deliver the promised MMO experience and was widely criticized for its bugginess and lack of originality, apparently sold over 200,000 copies before refunds, according to PC Gamer. However, the studio cited financial failure as the reason for its closure. Gamers who purchased the game during early access can request refunds from Steam within a two-week window, even if they have played for more than two hours. Steam is reportedly honoring refund requests, despite the game’s disappointing reception. If you’re looking to get a refund, head to the Steam Help section and select “Purchases,” then choose your reason for refund to proceed with your request. Good luck.