“Sins of the Flesh” Update Brings Major Changes to Cult of the Lamb in 2024

The adored action-adventure roguelike game, “Cult of the Lamb,” is set to receive a new update next year titled “Sins of the Flesh.” Many fans are eagerly anticipating the update and are speculating that it may be the “sex update” they’ve been jokingly or semi-seriously asking for. However, the development team has not confirmed if this will be the case, and is remaining ambiguous about the update’s content.

The “Sins of the Flesh” update, which was announced this week, will be free and includes new features and stories. It is scheduled to be released “very early next year,” with the promise of more details being revealed in the coming weeks. The announcement featured art of the game’s cute cult members dancing almost nude around a fire, sparking further speculation about the nature of the update.

Despite online excitement and concern over the potential sex update, a community manager for the game’s developer, Massive Monster, reassured fans that the update will not significantly change the game’s age rating or venture into explicit territory. However, the official “Cult of the Lamb” Twitter account responded to an article denying the sex update by saying, “Says who?” suggesting that the content of the update is still up in the air.

In the game, which already features themes of cannibalism and ritual sacrifice, anything seems possible. “Cult of the Lamb” last received new content in April and has remained relatively quiet since. Players who missed out on the game in 2022 have the opportunity to catch up before the new update is released, which may or may not involve sex.