Sony’s Insomniac Games Faces Potential Ransomware Attack as Sony Launches Investigation

Sony is investigating a suspected ransomware attack on PlayStation subsidiary Insomniac Games. A hacking group called Rhysida has claimed responsibility for the attack and announced intentions to sell the data acquired in the attack for $2 million unless Insomniac and Sony pay up. The data potentially includes internal emails, confidential documents, and personal information, as well as personal documents related to Spider-Man voice actor Yuri Lowenthal and details regarding a forthcoming Wolverine game. Proof-of-hack documents were released suggesting that the group grabbed screenshots from the game and character art related to other superheroes. Sony has acknowledged the situation but stated that the alleged attack did not spread beyond Insomniac, so other divisions of the company remain unaffected. Insomniac Games is known for its Spider-Man series and other well-regarded PlayStation games. Meanwhile, Sony has previously been the victim of similar cyber attacks, including one that exposed the personal information of over 7,000 employees. In September, a hacking group claimed to have compromised all of Sony’s connected systems, but this was disputed by other hackers. Sony has not released any findings from the investigation into the alleged attack.