Square Enix Embraces ‘Aggressive’ AI Integration for Innovative Content Creation

The gaming industry may soon be impacted by Generative AI, as Square Enix plans to aggressively apply AI and other cutting-edge tech in 2024 to create new content, according to president Takashi Kiryu’s New Year’s letter. Kiryu believes that generative AI has the potential to fundamentally change the processes of creation, including programming, and the company plans to use it to improve productivity in development and assist in marketing. Additionally, Square Enix aims to leverage AI to create new forms of content for consumers and build more immersive AR and VR experiences that fuse the real world and virtual worlds. While the company did not specify how AI will be used to generate content, it is seen as a broad aspiration for the future. Additionally, Kiryu name-checked ChatGPT, despite recent controversy surrounding its creator OpenAI’s lawsuit for copyright infringement by The New York Times, and Valve has expressed concerns about restricting games that use AI on their platforms. Despite previous proclamations about blockchain, NFTs, and Web 3.0, Square Enix only briefly mentioned these technologies in the New Year’s letter.