Step-by-Step Guide to Making Custom Stickers with Your Photos on iOS 17

The innovative feature of creating stickers from photos is often overlooked, but it is a convenient tool available on Apple’s iOS 17. With the use of Apple’s machine learning technology, the software can quickly extract subjects from their backgrounds, creating digital decals that can be used on iMessage chats or within Markup tools.

Stickers are digital versions of real-world stickers, and they were first introduced in iOS 10. However, with the launch of iOS 17, users can easily create custom stickers directly from their photos. This feature has been integrated into the software, making it more streamlined and accessible to users.

To create stickers from photos in iOS 17, users need to open the Photos app, select the desired picture, and tap and hold on the subject of the photo. A menu will appear, allowing users to choose the “Add Sticker” option. Additional effects can also be added to the sticker to personalize it further.

For Live Photos, which capture short video clips, users can follow similar steps to create animated stickers from their photos. By selecting the Live Photo and following the same process, users can turn them into animated stickers using the “Add Sticker” option and adding effects as desired.

Once the custom stickers have been created, they can be easily used in iMessage chats or within Markup tools. Users can select the sticker, place it in their message, or add it to photos and documents using Markup tools.

Overall, the new feature of creating custom stickers from photos in iOS 17 provides users with a fun and personalized way to communicate and enhance their photos and documents.