Taking Google Meet’s Hand Raise Feature to the Next Level

Google Meet is adding a new feature that allows users to physically raise their hand to indicate that they have a question. The gesture detection feature will work when the user’s camera is on and their hand is clearly visible in the shot. To activate the feature, users simply need to hold their hand up momentarily for it to be recognized and alert other participants.

If you’re worried about being an animated talker, Google Meet will deactivate gesture detection while you’re speaking and reactivate it once you’re a silent participant again. Administrators have no control over the feature, but users can turn it off at any time by going to More Options, then clicking Reactions and Hand Raise Gesture.

The rollout of gesture detection will begin in the next few days for Rapid Release domains and will take 15 days for Scheduled Release domains, starting on November 28. The feature will be available across most Google Meet Workspace plans, including Business Standard and Plus, Education Plus, and individual subscribers.