Tech Tools for Successful New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions usually have good intentions. The right tools and resolution can make achieving those goals easier. Wearables and smartwatches can promote better habits and remind you to meditate. App recommendations, cable organization tips, and help on how to develop a new reading habit in 2024. What are your resolutions for the coming year? And what will you do (or buy) to achieve them? — Mat Smith ​​You can get these reports delivered daily. Subscribe right here! The Morning After: The biggest tech stories of 2023. The biggest winners in tech in 2023. How to find and cancel your unused subscriptions. Some Vizio TV owners can claim a share of a $3 million settlement. The Engadget team is getting ready for CES. We’ve compiled predictions for all the tech companies and startups planning to attend. CES runs from January 9 – 12. The CineBeam Qube weighs just 3 pounds. LG’s latest 4K projector is stylish and high-tech. The CineBeam Qube can project 4K images measuring up to 120 inches. The price has dropped permanently to $249 following the launch of the Quest 3. Meta is permanently cutting the price of its Quest 2 VR headset to $250. NASA’s Curiosity rover was put on pause due to a natural phenomenon. Leading up to the pause, the Curiosity rover was put in park — but its Hazard-Avoidance Cameras (Hazcams) kept snapping away. By the end of the period, Curiosity recorded the passage of a Martian day over 12 hours from its stationary position.