Tesla Introduces Idle Fees for Drivers Leaving Cars Plugged in After Charging

Tesla is rolling out a new fee system to regulate traffic at its charging stations. The company will implement idle fees globally, and congestion fees specifically in the US. Idle fees will charge drivers on a per-minute basis if they remain parked at a charging point after their car is fully recharged. The fees will be up to 50 cents per minute, or $1.00 per minute when the station is at full capacity, and will vary by country. Tesla will waive fees if a car is moved after a five-minute grace period.

The company also plans to introduce congestion fees at certain Supercharging locations. These fees will occur when stations are busy and a vehicle’s battery is over 90 percent. This is to encourage drivers to only charge what they need for their trip, rather than topping off their battery. Tesla hopes that these fees will help manage the influx of new EV drivers while also contributing to the company’s bottom line. Analysts estimate that the Tesla Supercharger network will be worth a significant amount annually by the end of the decade.