The Future of Video Games: Acquisitions, Layoffs, and Unions in 2023

The video game industry has undergone a massive transformation this year. Microsoft acquired Activision, Blizzard, and King for $69 billion, solidifying its position as the third-largest video game studio in the world. This deal gives Microsoft ownership of popular games like Call of Duty and Candy Crush Saga. However, it’s not just Microsoft and Sony making moves in the industry. Tencent, Netflix, and Devolver Digital are also investing in various gaming studios. As companies grow, there are concerns about layoffs and the impact on the creative process. Unfortunately, layoffs have affected over 9,000 employees in the video game industry this year, with companies like Embracer and Unity making significant staff reductions. Moreover, studio closures have contributed to this year’s upheaval in the video game industry. Despite its financial success, the video game industry is struggling with internal challenges related to layoffs and consolidation, reshaping the landscape of the industry.