The Star Beast: A Reminder That Money Isn’t Everything

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Davies’ instincts are correct and he focuses on emotionally satisfying set pieces rather than a tightly structured story, similar to Steven Moffat’s style of storytelling. Instead of building to a grand and flashy climax, Davies takes an intimate approach. In a small, round room, Catherine Tate’s acting becomes a pivotal part of the plot as she makes a selfless decision to sacrifice herself for her family. Moments like these are more impactful than big budget scenes, such as flipping Land Rovers.

In the end, the Doctor unlocks Donna’s sealed memories, allowing her to help destroy the ship’s launch mechanism in a heroic moment before she seemingly dies in the Doctor’s arms. However, it’s revealed that she’s not actually dead, thanks to Rose who, unbeknownst to anyone, had inherited the hidden memories and powers from the Doctor. This plot twist provides a sweet resolution to the story.