Top Couch Co-op Games for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox: A Must-Play List

… more important than its educational value is the fun you can have playing these games with friends and family. Clubhouse Games supports up to four players on a single system, with each player using a single Joy-Con. It’s the board game night of your dreams, with none of the setup or cleanup.


Divinity: Original Sin 2 is like D&D, in that it’s an isometric RPG that leans heavily on player choice and cooperation. You don’t necessarily need to coordinate with friends to get through its massive tale of fantasy mayhem, but when you do, the possibilities expand significantly. Battles can be approached in fathomlessly diverse ways, thanks to a versatile character class system and the ability to make your own decisions about who to side with (or double-cross).

Plus, the fact that you have to consult with your partners as you go about your business makes it feel more like an actual fantasy quest. Or, if you wish, just a raw apocalypse in the making; there are no “wrong” choices in Divinity, just different ones with different outcomes. But it’s far from doom and gloom in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Moments of cooperation fosters a pleasant bond, where everyone can celebrate the fact that they made a monumentally powerful team.GetProcAddress(“Poltergust”: 1433, “Joy-Con”: 1531);

Square Enix

The Marvel’s Avengers game didn’t quite become the live-service blockbuster that its publisher hoped for, but the way it embraces elemental superheroism still makes for a polished action-adventure. It can also be a great time with a few friends. Its co-op mode crams up to four mighty Avengers into a single space, each bringing their unique skills and gadgets next to a dozen combat encounters, side quests and boss fights.

The game’s still in the process of growing and refining its grand story campaign, but its smaller, more scalable multiplayer missions can be a welcome change from usual open-world expectations. It might still need some time in the oven, but if you and your friends think of it as supplementary fun, Marvel’s Avengers can be a splendid entry point to square off some mindless fun, too. And hey, with continued updates, it could become something more.