Top Picks: SSDs that Enhance Your PS5 Experience

Sony has released a software update for the PlayStation 5 storage expansion slot, allowing for additional storage of games. The PS5 will accept internal drives between 250GB and 4TB in capacity. The economical sweet spot for most PS5 users is a high capacity 1TB drive, while 2TB drives sometimes offer marginal savings per gigabyte. Other important considerations include internet speed and the ability to play PS5 games on an external SSD. The official answer to what type of SSD card is compatible with the PS5 is a specific “M.2 Socket 3 (Key M) Gen4 x4 NVME SSD.” This drive needs to have effective heat dissipation with a cooling structure, and the maximum height supported by Sony’s slot is 11.25mm. Finally, if you find the technical details boring, they also provide ready-to-go recommendations for the best SSDs for PS5.