Top Picks: The Fastest Chargers of 2024

With all manufacturers now selling smartphones and tablets without power adapters, finding the right fast charger for your new iPhone 13 or Android device is essential. That’s because a fast charger that supports USB-C charging will allow you to get more power to your device in a short time. To make things simpler, I tested 14 different chargers from various brands to find out which one is the best fast charger.

The method I employed to test these chargers was as simple as possible. I drained each device to 10 percent battery, plugged in a power brick and then recorded the amount of charge added every 10 minutes for an hour. I tested each adapter by plugging it directly into a standard 120-volt outlet without using power strips or extension cords. I also used certified 100-watt USB-C cables made by Anker, Apple, and others. I measured how well each adapter was able to match each gadget’s optimal charging speed, which varies depending on how much juice the device has. The devices I selected for testing included an Apple iPhone 13, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, a Nintendo Switch, a 2021 Dell XPS 13, and a 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro.

I grouped the chargers into three categories based on their power outputs: 30-watt and under chargers, 45 to 65-watt chargers, and 100 watts or more chargers. In the 30-watt category, the Anker Nano was the best with the fastest charging speeds. In the 65-watt category, the Anker 735 GaN Prime outperformed the competition, finishing within one percent of each with each adapter. For 100-watt and up chargers, the Razer USB-C 130W was the best option with the primary charging ports capped at 90 or 96 watts.

In summary, if all you want is a power brick to keep small devices powered up, the Anker Nano is the best choice. For 65-watt chargers, the Anker 735 offers the best performance. And for high-power USB-C fast chargers, the Razer USB-C 130W is the top choice.