Traeger Ironwood (2023) Review: The Price of Upgraded Smart Grilling

In 2022, Traeger initiated a massive renovation of its Wi-Fi-connected smart grill lineup. The only models that remained untouched were the most affordable Pro Series models as the redesign process that began with the Timberline continued to the Ironwood this year. Throughout the process, the company introduced a slew of changes aimed at more efficient cooking, easier cleanup, customization, and expanded smart features. Many of the updates added to the Timberline have now made their way to the Ironwood ($1,800), making this model significantly more expensive, with the best additions still reserved for the most premium model.

One of the biggest updates Traeger introduced last year with its overhauled Timberline grills was a new touchscreen display. This feature has been incorporated into the new Ironwood grills as well, replacing the single-knob navigation with a larger dial and a touchscreen. The display now includes dedicated buttons for the full menu, timers, Keep Warm, and Super Smoke. Additionally, Traeger borrowed the Pop-And-Lock (PAL) accessory rail from the Timberline, allowing users to customize the grill based on their needs or what they are cooking.

Inside the grill, Traeger replaced the solid steel drip plate and the smaller fire pot shield with two larger pieces of metal that span the width of the grill. The company also made changes to the construction of the chamber, providing better insulation to ensure consistent temperatures, especially in colder months. Additionally, the auger was raised above the fire pot to prevent jams and lower the risk of fires.

The major differences between the Ironwood and the more expensive Timberline include the vertical space inside the grill, the cart/leg design, and the lack of an induction burner on the left side. The Ironwood features one adjustable rack above the main cooking surface, compared to the Timberline’s two, and the cooking grates are made of porcelain, whereas they are stainless steel on the Timberline.

Following its acquisition of Meater in 2021, Traeger made the company’s wireless meat probes standard equipment on the 2022 Timberline grills. The new Ironwood grill also supports the Meater probes, but they are not included in the box and must be purchased separately. The Ironwood also includes two wired probes, with the information from those viewable inside of the Traeger app.

Traeger has also made upgrades to its smart grilling technology with the inclusion of a smart pellet sensor that monitors pellet levels and alerts users via the app. The company has also made the initial seasoning process almost entirely automatic, handled by the WiFIRE controller.

When it comes to cooking, the Ironwood is as simple and straightforward as ever, reaching cooking temperature in about 12 minutes. The Traeger app continues to provide a wealth of information, housing over 1,000 recipes with step-by-step guidance and the ability to monitor grill and food temperatures remotely. Over the course of several months, the Ironwood consistently produced great results, with Traeger’s trademark wood-fired flavors.