Uber Cracks Down on Customers Using Bad Ratings for Refunds

Uber is implementing new systems to address bad actors who unfairly impact drivers’ ratings and is also making changes to make the platform safer and fairer for drivers and couriers. The company will flag users who make complaints solely to get a refund and will not allow those allegations to impact a driver’s rating or account deactivation decisions. Additionally, drivers and couriers will receive clearer information on why their account was deactivated and can ask Uber to review the decision, including providing video or audio recordings for their case.

In the US, drivers accused of operating under the influence of drugs will have the option to take a test to prove their innocence, with Uber covering the cost. Uber is also expanding its Record My Ride feature to more cities in the US, allowing drivers to capture video of their trips for review by Uber only.

For safety, Uber plans to significantly expand rider identity verification by 2024 and will eventually inform drivers whether the rider they are picking up is verified. Other updates include Android Auto integration for the Uber Driver app, real-time traffic and route information sharing, and more detailed information for couriers including free parking and photos of drop-off points sourced from TomTom.

The goal is to make the platform safer and fairer for drivers and couriers, addressing issues such as unfair ratings and safety concerns.