Unboxing the Samsung HW-Q990C: A Comprehensive Atmos Soundbar Experience

Shopping for a home theater setup typically means buying a soundbar, subwoofer and rear speakers separately. However, Samsung includes all of those additional speakers with their Q990C model, offering Dolby Atmos along with a range of audio options and two HDMI inputs, beaming crisp 11.1.4-channel sound into your living room. The Q990C is a significant investment, but it’s also one-stop shopping for a complete home theater experience.

As the high-end soundbar in Samsung’s current lineup, the Q990C is also the largest at 48.5 inches wide. It houses 11 front-facing drivers, four up-firing drivers, and an internal subwoofer. The separate wireless sub and rear speakers provide additional depth and dimension to the audio experience. The soundbar and sub are large, but the rear speakers are compact. The soundbar and rear speakers are covered with mesh plastic, making them easy to keep clean.

The setup for the Q990C is quick and easy, thanks to the SmartThings app, which automatically adds the subwoofer and rear speakers to the soundbar. Two additional HDMI inputs, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, and AirPlay compatibility make it easy to connect devices and stream audio. The SmartThings app also offers settings adjustments, voice assistant choices, and sound modes for a customized audio experience.

The Q990C’s upscaling abilities make movies, TV shows, and music sound immersive and powerful. The additional drivers in the rear speakers contribute to directional audio, enhancing the overall experience. The sound quality for movies, TV shows, and music is impressive, with clear highs, powerful bass, and crisp vocals. The sound is even more incredible when streaming in Dolby Atmos. Overall, the Samsung Q990C offers a complete home theater setup with high-quality sound and immersive features.