Unlock Your Creativity with Ableton Live 12: Your Tool for Crafting Your Next Hit

Three years ago Ableton Live 11 was released. Today, the company unveiled Live 12, the next version of its popular digital audio workstation (DAW). The release cycle is the shortest in recent memory. Some of the new features include the Meld macro oscillator synth, Roar distortion effect, and MIDI arrangement tools. Meld offers unique textures and waveforms, while Roar provides a comprehensive range of tone shapes. Live 12 also offers generative MIDI tools and a scale-aware feature. Additionally, there is full support for a wide range of musical tunings and UI improvements. The library management system has also been enhanced. Live 12 is optimized for screen readers and can be controlled with the keyboard. The Standard edition will cost $439 (€279), while the Suite edition will retail for $749 (€599).