Unveiling Moog Mariana: Dive into the Depths of Bass with this Virtual Synth

Moog: Mariana is a Bass Monster
The iconic Moog company introduces Mariana, a plug-in form synthesizer for exploring deeper bass. Mariana is a dual-layer synth with two oscillators and a sub-oscillator on each layer for a heavy sound. It also offers two filters, three LFOs, three envelops, two random generators per layer, and various effects. The plug-in is available for $30 on iOS, or $99 for Windows or macOS with a 50% introductory discount.
Mariana delivers bassy sounds while also offering presets for different sonic territories. It features MPE support and modulation features to create wild sound effects. However, it does lack a sequencer, arpeggiator, or comprehensive effects list. The interface has some quirks, such as difficult-to-read knobs and high resource usage. Nonetheless, the power and sound quality make Mariana a valuable investment if future updates can address its issues.