Upgrade Your Gaming Experience with Savings on Consoles, Games and Gear for PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC

Black Friday is typically a good time to restock on gaming gear at a discount, and that’s the case again this year, whether you’re partial to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC. If you’re not sure what’s worth grabbing, we’ve sorted through the many, many sales happening around the web and curated a roundup of the best Black Friday gaming deals below. The selection includes a few noteworthy bundles for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch; recommended storage upgrades and controllers; several top picks from our guides to the best gaming mice, gaming headsets and gaming handhelds and, of course, a whole bunch of actual games.

The non-slim PS5 is 10 percent off for Black Friday at Amazon and GameStop in a rare discount on Sony’s popular console. $450 at Amazon.The PlayStation 5 is $50 off and down to $450 at Amazon and GameStop. This offer only applies to the older version of the PS5, not the smaller “slim” version that was announced last month. But discounts of any kind for Sony’s console have been extremely rare since the device arrived in 2020, and there’s no performance difference between the two models, so this is a great opportunity to save.If stock for that deal runs out, Sony is selling a couple of new bundles that do include the latest version of the console: one that comes with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and one that includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. You should go with the former while both are in stock: We called Spider-Man 2 a “perfectly balanced game” in our review, while Modern Warfare 3 has been roundly criticized as one of the most undercooked CoD entries in recent memory. Both games cost $70 on their own, so that’s what you’re saving here. As of this writing, the Spider-Man bundle is further discounted by an extra $20 at BJ’s, bringing it down to $480.As a refresher, Sony says the slim PS5 takes up 30 percent less volume than the original models and weighs up to three pounds less. It also has two USB-C ports instead of one. If the slim Spider-Man 2 bundle runs out of stock, Sony is running a similar deal with the older “fat” PS5 as well. The bundles are available at several retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop and PlayStation Direct.

Nintendo’s main Switch OLED bundle for Black Friday includes the popular fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and a three-month individual subscription to Switch Online. $349 at Walmart.Nintendo’s main Switch deal for Black Friday is a bundle that pairs the $350 Switch OLED with a digital copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and a three-month individual subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for no extra cost. Smash Bros. arrived back in 2018, but it still tends to retail between $50 and $60 on its own, while the Switch Online sub normally goes for $8. This version of the console also comes with Smash Bros.-themed controllers.We’ve seen the Switch OLED go for less in the past, so we’d have liked a more substantial discount — especially with a follow-up console reportedly on the horizon. But if you’re jumping on the Switch bandwagon late, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate remains one of the device’s best games, so there’s still value here. This bundle is available at Walmart, Target, GameStop, Best Buy and Nintendo.com. (…)