What is standalone drawing tablet and its features?


If you are interested in drawing, designing or have creative skills, then you should be aware of drawing tablets and its usage to explore your designing skills. However, if you check out to purchase right drawing tablets then the first thing that strikes you is standalone drawing tablets. What are standalone drawing tablets? It is nothing but a drawing tablet that are a combination of a drawing tablet and an inbuilt computer within them. The standalone drawing tablets do not need a computer to access like traditional drawing tablets or regular drawing tablets.

Features enhanced in standalone drawing tablets:

 When compared to regular and traditional drawing tablets the standalone drawing tablets has more enhanced feature which make their usage more advantage. Need to know what are the features enhanced in standalone drawing tablets just continue further.

  • The most important thing is there is no need of computer to use the drawing tablets as they have inbuilt computer.
  • These comes in compact and portable designs which makes you easy to carry them where ever you need without facing any hassle.
  • They also come with additional supports like special short cut keys, surface dial, edge fit screen, high-resolution display, app support, high storage and lot more.
  • Some drawing tablets do come with drawing pen which enables you to stay in your comfort zone and makes you ease to use the drawing tablets in your way.

Likewise, their several advantages click here standalone drawing tablet to know all of them that make your designing work ease and helps you to explore your creative skills.

Best standalone drawing tablets to buy:

By now you might be clear why you should choose standalone drawing tablets but it is people mindset to always check out for the best. To help you out here are best standalone drawing tablets and their features are explained below.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – This remains to be the best standalone drawing tablet because of its good looking and other additional features like small and professional fit design. Its screen is 12.3 inch, it supports windows 10 and other designing applications. Its processor is highly powerful to handle all 3D applications and several drawing layers. It also allows you to use desktop-grade drawing as it comes with Microsoft surface pen. It is cost-effective and have a longer life.

Apple ipadPro – This drawing tablet is well known for its stylish design and better screen resolution, vibrant colour accuracy in display screen. This is made of promotion technology where you can boost the screen refresh with faster response. It has edge to edge retina display, true motion, P3 wide colour, style fit, Face ID secure, high storage, balanced pressure sensitivity and lot more. Besides, it also comes with apple pencil to make the design work ease.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ – It is known for its better display quality, screen resolution and bright display that perfectly fits for outdoor usage. The beneficial thing is it comes with air gesture, keyboard accessory support and many other features too and it also cost-effective when compared to other drawing tablets.

Based on your need you can choose the best-featured drawing tablets to enhance and explore your designing skills.