Black Friday Deal: Buy One YubiKey, Get One Half Off

Yubico’s Highly Rated YubiKeys Are On Sale

Yubico is offering a Cyber Week deal on its highly rated YubiKeys. The deal runs through November 27 and includes a buy one, get one half off offer on YubiKeys in the standard and YubiKey 5 series.

A physical hardware key is an extremely secure method for protecting online accounts. It provides secondary authentication to prevent unauthorized access with just a password. Major tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, and Slack all support YubiKeys. Unlike SMS authentication using a phone, YubiKeys are not vulnerable to SIM card hacks, requiring both the physical key and passwords for access.

Security experts recommend keeping one hardware key with you at all times and storing a backup in a secure location, hence the buy one, get one half-off deal. This redundancy ensures access to your data even if one key is lost. It is important to set up both keys with each secured account by scanning the account’s setup QR code for each key.

When purchasing YubiKeys, it is essential to buy the type that matches your devices’ ports. Yubico offers models with USB-A, USB-C, Lightning and NFC connections. For those with older iPhones, the YubiKey 5Ci or the YubiKey 5C NFC are recommended to future-proof the purchase in light of Apple’s phasing out of Lightning in its current products.

This deal provides a great opportunity to enhance the security of your online accounts with the highly respected YubiKeys. Take advantage of this Cyber Week promotion to safeguard your digital presence.