Get Verizon’s Exclusive Bundle Deal: Netflix and Max for just $10/month

Verizon confirmed Monday it’s offering a previously rumored bundle of Netflix and Max streaming subscriptions at a 41 percent discount for myPlan subscribers. The offer will be available starting on December 7. The $10 monthly bundle includes ad-supported Netflix and Max plans that typically cost $6.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively. This could save customers $80 annually compared to buying the plans individually. Verizon’s myPlan customers are eligible for the streaming bundle, with myPlan starting at $75 monthly for Unlimited Welcome and offering lower per-line prices for more users on the plan. Verizon also offers other $10 streaming deals as myPlan add-ons, including a Disney Bundle and an Apple One bundle. Enrollment in myPlan and the offer requires customers to be 18 or older, and account setup is required for each service. This article contains affiliate links.