Microsoft Enhances Copilot Chatbot with Upgrades

Microsoft Copilot’s latest upgrade includes OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo integration, which will allow users to perform more complex tasks. The new GPT-4 Turbo also accepts up to 300 pages of text input, resulting in more accurate responses to queries. Additionally, the newest DALL-E 3 image generation model will produce higher-quality images with better accuracy. The Copilot’s Inline Compose tool now features a rewrite menu and a Code Interpreter to help users with data analysis, visualization, math, and coding. Lenovo has introduced the Legion Go, a handheld gaming PC with an 8.8-inch OLED display, targeting gamers with a $700 price tag. Fiat’s updated 500e hatchback EV will be available in the US for $32,500 and boasts more range, improved interior, better tech, and less weight. Pixar’s popular movies “Soul,” “Turning Red,” and “Luca” will hit theaters in early 2024, followed by the release of Calm’s bedtime stories read by Jimmy Stewart’s digitally revived voice.