Naughty Dog Halts Production of The Last of Us Online Game

Naughty Dog has decided to cancel the development of The Last of Us Online. The company explained that the online team had a clear vision for the project and had refined its gameplay. However, it soon became clear that the company was taking on more than it could handle. If they released an online game, they would need to dedicate all their resources to supporting post-launch content, leaving no capacity to release more single-player narrative games like the original The Last of Us titles.

Concept art for the project was first revealed in 2022, but there have been very few updates since then. After the PlayStation Showcase in May, Naughty Dog admitted that they needed more time to work on the game and couldn’t share details yet. However, it was reported that the studio had already reassigned developers working on the project to other teams and was reconsidering its viability. Naughty Dog has decided to focus on creating new single-player games and will share more about their upcoming projects when they are ready.