Pornhub is subject to the same strict EU regulations as social media giants

The European Union designates Pornhub, Stripchat, and XVideos as “very large online platforms” (VLOPs) due to their each having an average of more than 45 million monthly EU users. As such, they must comply with stricter rules under the Digital Services Act (DSA), facing the same regulations as Facebook, X, and TikTok. These platforms have four months to comply with the DSA’s requirements, including measures to prevent the spread of illegal content. Failure to comply with the DSA’s requirements could result in fines of up to six percent of their annual global revenue.
In other news, e-scooter rental company Bird has filed for bankruptcy after laying off nearly a quarter of its staff last year. The company faced financial struggles and halted operations in multiple locations due to the COVID pandemic.
Additionally, researchers have created an AI-powered robot called CyberRunner that can beat the physical marble game Labyrinth faster than humans. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 has reached the milestone of 50 million sales, outselling the Xbox Series X and S nearly three to one this year.