Tesla’s Cybertruck: A Surrealistic Vision of the Future

Four years after the initial announcement, Tesla finally delivered the first production Cybertrucks to 10 buyers. CEO Elon Musk presented the livestream on his decimated X platform. The tagsline for the Cybertruck speaks to two archetypes of masculinity: the cool milspec dork and the showboating rich guy. Musk described the car as “bulletproof” for no reason other than “Why not?” During the demo, a video showed the Cybertruck being sprayed with rounds from several firearms, an expected show of bravado from Musk. The truck’s overall toughness was also showcased during the presentation, with Musk emphasizing its low center of gravity and its ability to win in an argument with another car.

The Cybertruck, starting at $80,000, promotes a sense of the apocalypse and safety for the wealthy. However, it also poses a danger to pedestrians and other drivers due to its heavy weight and larger size. The aggression and bravado exhibited by the Cybertruck’s design and Musk’s presentation align with the vehicle’s vision of waiving societal standards for those who can afford it.

Musk’s references to the Cybertruck’s survivability against gunfire are unsettling, and the vehicle’s implicit promise of societal standards waiver for those who can afford it is concerning. The Cybertruck’s promotion of a cyberpunk future lifestyle of wealth inequality and privilege is evident throughout the presentation. The potential impact of guns and violence in the future is something that should be considered when buying a car like the Cybertruck.