TomTom and Microsoft Collaborate to Introduce Innovative AI Technology in Cars

TomTom has unveiled a new AI-powered conversational automotive assistant that will be integrated into dashboard infotainment platforms in the near future. The AI is touted to offer more advanced voice interaction and allow users to have natural conversations while navigating, finding stops along a route, controlling onboard systems, and more. The company partnered with Microsoft to develop the assistant, leveraging OpenAI’s language models and Microsoft products like Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cognitive Services. TomTom claims that the voice assistant will be integrated into a variety of interfaces offered by major automobile manufacturers while retaining the auto company’s branding. Although no definitive partnerships with specific vehicle manufacturers have been announced, the technology will be integrated into TomTom’s Digital Cockpit, an open and modular in-vehicle infotainment platform. This is not the first instance of integrating language models into cars, as Mercedes previously announced a beta program incorporating ChatGPT models. TomTom will showcase the AI at CES in January, providing more insight into its functionality.