23andMe’s Urgent Terms of Service Update to Protect Hacked Customers from Lawsuits

Genetic testing company 23andMe updated its terms of service following a data breach affecting nearly 7 million customers. Under the new terms, customers are prohibited from joining class action lawsuits or participating in a jury trial. Customers have 30 days to opt out of the updated terms, otherwise, they will be considered to have agreed to the changes.

The breach, which occurred in October, exposed sensitive personal information, including photos, names, location, and ancestry-related data. Despite the company’s claim that no genetic material or DNA records were compromised, the attack has prompted multiple class action claims against 23andMe. The company’s attempt to prevent class action lawsuits has sparked outrage online.

Critics argue that the updated terms of service are an attempt to shield the company from public scrutiny and potential legal action. Experts believe that the changes may not be sufficient to protect 23andMe in court. Overall, the company’s response to the data breach has drawn criticism and skepticism from customers.