Amazon to Cease Donkey Skin Gelatin Sales in California

Amazon has banned sales of an item that numerous California residents have expressed are violating animal welfare laws. The bureau, Center for Contemporary Equine Studies, accused Amazon in February of defying a California law that makes it illegal to sell horse meat. According to the same group, this includes donkey products. Ejiao is a gelatin that many Californians believe can relieve certain medical issues. Despite this, scientific evidence supporting these claims is insufficient.

The Animal Welfare Institute and advocacy group Donkey Sanctuary have both shown evidence that the demand for ejiao donkey populations to dangerously low levels due to inhumane and unsanitary treatment. Following a settlement with the bureau suing them, Amazon will not promote or sell ejiao to any California residents moving forward.

The settlement also becomes a precedent for other sellers to cease California ejiao sales and shipping if they are also breaking the law. Beyond California, Amazon still sells other rare meats, including whole alligator and foie gras.