Apple’s Ambitious Goal: Producing Over 50 Million Phones in India in Three Years

Apple increased iPhone 15 production in India and plans to continue. The company will move 25 percent of its iPhone production to India in the next two to three years, according to The Wall Street Journal. China will still be the largest iPhone supplier. Suppliers such as Foxconn believe India’s expansion has been successful. The slow start was due to infrastructure problems and powerful unions. The commerce minister said Apple planned to produce 25 percent of its phones in India, but no timeframe was given. The iPhone 15 was the first to be made in India on launch day. Foxconn will manufacture more iPhone 15s in India. Apple aims to diversify manufacturing due to supply chain risks from US-China tensions. Apple has previously produced only a small percentage of its iPhones in India. Production previously lagged behind China by up to nine months. The US-China relations are delicate, but Apple CEO Tim Cook has visited China twice in 2023. Apple sells a large number of phones in China, and emphasizes that all phones sold there are built and supplied locally.