Get Ready to Feast Your Eyes on the PS1-Inspired PlayStation 5

The 20th-anniversary limited edition PlayStation 4 was highly sought after but what if the same retro look from the PS1 was ported to the PS5? This idea comes to life in the farewell gift SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan received, as seen in a photo posted by Yuichi Haga, the Global Diverse, Equity, Inclusion Lead at SIE. The “one of a kind” PS5 console featured a customized retro gray finish and the classic quad-color “PS” logo from the PS1. Even the DualSense controller got a DualShock 1 makeover, complete with a cable and a plug cover for the PS5’s front USB-C port. The packaging design also pays homage to the PS1’s box art. At Ryan’s thank-you party, he was honored by industry legends including Ken Kutaragi, Kazunori Yamauchi, Nicolas Doucet, and Kenichiro Yoshida. It is unclear if a version of this special edition PS5 will be available for purchase, but as PlayStation’s 30th anniversary approaches next year, a special edition PS5 Slim might be in the works.