Beeper Mini Team Assures Fix is on the Way and Offers Extended Free Trials for Users

The Beeper Mini team has been working non-stop to fix the issues and promises that a solution is close. Once the fix is implemented, users’ seven-day free trials will be reset. The app was released earlier this week and was highly anticipated due to its unique approach to bridging the iMessage-Android gap. The app routes messages directly through Apple’s servers, making it more secure than other similar options.

However, only days after its release, Beeper Mini users found that they could no longer send or receive messages, raising questions about whether Apple intervened. The team posted an update on social media, stating that they have deregistered users’ phone numbers from iMessage while they work on fixing the issue. They also mentioned that some messages may not be delivered during this period due to the iPhone Messages app “remembering” that the user was a blue bubble.

Beeper assures users that a fix is on the way, but if Apple was indeed behind the shutdown, the app may face additional challenges. The chat app costs $2 a month after the free trial and offers end-to-end encryption for messages sent between Android and iMessage users. Beeper co-founder Eric Migicovsky questioned Apple’s intentions, stating, “If Apple truly cares about the privacy and security of their iPhone users, why would they try to kill a service that enables iPhones to send encrypted chats to Android users?”