Countdown to EU Launch: Threads Set to Debut on December 14

After much anticipation, Threads is finally launching in Europe. Meta’s social media app will likely release in the EU on December 14, just in time to post photos of holiday dinners or whatever. There’s no official announcement by Zuck and the gang, but there is a countdown timer on Instagram appearing for EU users. These users will find a ticket within the app that advertises the pending release for the Twitter-like platform.

The timer is also available but only for those clicking from EU-based IP addresses. Finally, European Instagram users can simply search for “ticket” to find a scannable QR code that announces the forthcoming launch. We don’t know, however, which countries in the EU will get the app on December 14. Engadget reached out to Meta and will update this story if we hear back.

So what’s been the holdup? Meta with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). Meta and other tech giants were designated as platform gatekeepers back in July, forcing stricter rules regarding user consent and data protection. It looks like the company worked everything out in time for this release, though it remains unclear if the app itself would change to accommodate the regulations. We’ll find out next week.

Threads has certainly had a topsy-turvy year, amidst the However, once people realized there wasn’t that much to do on the platform. Meta, to its credit, has been quickly adding features and tools to the app. In the past few months, Threads has also known as hashtags, and $8 per month, among other upgrades.