Exciting Analogue Pocket Restock on the Horizon, but Cart Adapters Facing Delay

The popular Analogue Pocket multi-system portable handheld console has been sold out for weeks. However, the company has announced that a restock of the original black and white designs will be available for purchase on December 4 at 11AM ET, just in time for the holidays. Another restock is scheduled for December 8 at 11AM ET, but these orders won’t ship until February.

In addition, a new operating system for the console, Analogue Pocket OS v.1.2, is set to arrive in the next few days. This update will fix bugs, add support for new controllers, update the music-making app, and allow for new features. Another update, Analogue Pocket OS v2.0, is expected before the end of the month, providing third-party developers access to original display modes and other features.

The long-awaited Analogue Duo is finally shipping on December 11, promising to play every TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine title, including those that originally required the Arcade RAM add-on. A limited-edition white dock for the Pocket will also go on sale on December 4, but at a higher price of $130.

However, there is also some bad news as Analogue has announced a delay for the Pocket Adapter Set until February, which adds new consoles to the lineup for the system.