Exclusive deal: Amazon Prime members can play Deathloop for free on PC

Arkane Lyon’s “Deathloop” is currently available for free on PC, but you only have until January 10 to grab this offer. In order to access the game, you’ll need to link an active Epic Games Store account, which can be done directly from the download page thanks to Amazon’s user-friendly setup. Once downloaded, the game is yours to keep, not just a rental.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has given gamers a holiday treat, as they also offered another Arkane classic for free last year and frequently coincide with Prime Day events. “Deathloop” is a unique first-person shooter that incorporates the intriguing elements of an old-school adventure game like “Myst.” Players are trapped on an island in a time loop, similar to the concept of “Groundhog Day,” and must solve puzzles to escape. The combat in the game is also said to be satisfying, as expected from the creators of “Dishonored.”

Overall, “Deathloop” is considered one of the most unique and enjoyable releases of the current generation, making it a great deal even at full price. It’s also available on Game Pass for those who prefer that platform. On another note, developer Arkane is working on a game based on Marvel’s resident vampire hunter, “Blade.”