Game Boy Games Thrived in 2023

The Game Boy, a retro gaming system that’s over 30 years old, continues to be widely adored. Despite its age, there’s been a rise in indie releases due to GB Studio and new retro-focused handhelds. In 2023, an upcoming Game Boy Color title, Dragonyhm, is set to raise the bar for fans of Nintendo’s iconic handheld. Pandemic lockdowns led Chris Beach to create a game titled Dragonborne, which he released under Spacebot Interactive. The game got an overhaul and evolved into Dragonyhm. It is a larger RPG with new graphics, reimagined sound, improved mechanics, and more levels. In Dragonyhm, the hero, Kris, must find his missing father and save the kingdom. The game is longer and more sophisticated than traditional vintage systems, but Beach aims to maintain high standards and longer playing times with more sophisticated stories and mechanics. Other notable retro games include Kudzu and Far After. These games are designed for retro-friendly handhelds and show a current wave of new interest in making Game Boy games. Moreover, Nintendo’s eShop and Virtual Console provide legitimate routes for these games to be played on official hardware. According to Beach, it’s a good time to be a Game Boy fan, as developers are pushing the boundaries and producing quality games on par with licensed games. Dragonyhm is set for release next year in partnership with Incube8 Games.