Get Ready for the Future: Humane’s Ai Pin Launches for $699 in Early 2024

Humane AI, a wearable startup, has been teasing the launch of their new AI Pin for several months now. First showcased at a TED Talk in May and later at Paris Fashion Week, the device’s actual capabilities still remain a mystery.

The company, founded by former Apple employees, is set to release the Humane AI Pin, a pocket-worn wearable AI assistant. Priced at $700 plus an additional $24 for a monthly “Humane Subscription,” the device does not have a screen and operates primarily through voice commands, occasionally using a virtual screen projected onto the user’s hand. The monthly subscription includes a dedicated cell phone number for the Pin, offering unlimited talk, text, and data.

Once orders start shipping in early 2024, the AI Pin will be available in three colors – Eclipse, Equinox, and Lunar. The device’s magnetic clip functions as battery storage and includes backup batteries for users to carry. The Pin boasts an ultra-wide RGB camera, depth and motion sensors, allowing it to “see the world as you see it.”

The AI Pin is powered by a Snapdragon processor with a dedicated Qualcomm AI Engine, running on the company’s custom Cosmos OS. Named “Ai Bus,” the device’s AI software framework avoids the need to download content and quickly connects users to the right AI experience or service. Partnerships with Microsoft and OpenAI will provide access to powerful AI models and platforms.

Questions remain unanswered, such as the battery module’s lifespan and the system’s sensitivity regarding tampering. Live demonstrations have been scarce, but an unveiling event is scheduled, where functional AI Pin iterations will presumably be on display.