Google Bard Advanced: Expect to Pay for the Upgrade

Google Bard Advanced is set to launch soon, marking the company’s first foray into offering a paid AI chatbot. The code on Bard’s website indicates that users can enjoy three months of free access to Bard Advanced, suggesting that a fee may be implemented afterward. A Twitter user shared the discovered code, which also includes a defunct Google One link, hinting that a subscription to Google One may be required to access Bard Advanced.

The announcement of Bard Advanced came in December 2023, alongside the introduction of Gemini, an AI large language model, and an AI hypercomputer from Google Cloud. Gemini, described as Google’s most advanced model to date, will power Bard Advanced. It offers three sizes: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Nano, and Gemini Pro, with Bard utilizing the latter.

The code implies that Bard Advanced may be linked to Google One, but no specific details about the required subscription tier have been confirmed. Currently, Google is testing Bard Advanced with a small group, and there is no confirmed release date, although it was stated to be available “early next year” in December 2023. Therefore, a launch could happen at any time.