Score the Apple Watch Series 9 for Just $329 in Amazon’s Black Friday Special

Shortly after its launch, the Apple Watch Series 9 is available at a discount on Amazon for Black Friday, dropping to $329 from the regular price of $399. The 45mm variant is also on sale for $360, down from the standard price of $429. The watch is available in various colors and sport bands. According to Engadget, despite being the best overall smartwatch, it may not be best for Android users, who should explore other options. Its use of the S9 system-in-package (SiP) processor has launched some major upgrades. For example, it features a new tool called Double Tap, based on Apple’s Assistive Touch feature, allowing functions to be carried out with a pinch motion. The Apple Watch SE, which received an 89 in last year’s review, is also available at an all-time-low price. The 40mm version is on sale for $179, and the 44mm variant starts at $209. For more on Black Friday deals, check out Engadget and other sources.