Skylines II developer prioritizes base game fixes, delays DLC release

Colossal Order, the developer of ‘Cities: Skylines II,’ has delayed the game’s expansion roadmap due to complaints about the PC game’s performance. The release of console versions has also been pushed back to 2024. CEO Mariina Hallikainen apologized for the delay and stated that the team will focus on addressing performance and bug fixes before adding new content.

As a result of the delay, most of the expansion pass content for ‘Cities: Skylines II’ has been pushed back by a quarter. The Beach Properties asset pack, initially scheduled for Q4 2023, has been postponed to Q1 2024. Additionally, two creator packs and two radio stations are now set to arrive in Q2 2024, with the Bridges & Ports expansion remaining in the Q2 2024 slot.

The CEO explained that the team is prioritizing more time-consuming bug fixes and performance improvements before rolling out new content. The development team is currently addressing graphical details to improve GPU performance and is focusing on CPU optimizations, including stutter fixes, to ensure a faster and smoother experience.

Despite the disappointment from fans regarding the stability of the game, Colossal Order is committed to addressing the issues before focusing on the console release and DLC content.