Tech Titans: 2023’s Top Tech Winners

In 2023, the drama never seemed to end. From Elon Musk’s antics to the constant launches in the generative AI race, the year was filled with news. However, there were also clear winners in the tech world. Threads and AI were frontrunners, while surprises like Apple’s Vision Pro headset and the iPhone maker’s adoption of several open standards also garnered attention. Here’s a list of tech’s biggest winners in 2023 according to the Engadget team.

Threads, Meta’s standalone Twitter clone, emerged as a viable alternative to Twitter thanks to Musk’s chaos. Despite concerns about Meta’s content moderation and Facebook’s control of another major social platform, Threads quickly attracted a large user base. The app’s ties to Meta and Instagram helped it gain momentum, making it a major winner in 2023.

Generative AI also had a big year, with competitions heating up between companies like Google and Microsoft. OpenAI’s ChatGPT gained popularity, while Google and Microsoft launched their own chatbots powered by advanced AI models. AI also extended beyond tech, influencing areas such as image generation and becoming a prominent concern for ethical AI researchers.

Apple’s adoption of open standards like RCS messaging and USB-C charging ports surprised many. The company also announced support for the new Qi 2 wireless charging protocol. Despite some skepticism about Apple’s motives, the changes made in 2023 could bring a fair amount of goodwill to the company.

Finally, the emergence of new challengers in the foldable phone category, such as the Pixel Fold and OnePlus Open, brought increased competition to the market. These devices brought innovative features and thinner designs, challenging Samsung’s monopoly in the foldable phone space.

Overall, 2023 was a year of winners in the tech world, with various companies and products making significant strides in their respective fields.