The Controversial Redesign of Tinder’s ‘Rizz-First’ Feature Sparks Backlash

Tinder is including many new, pretty basic features like profile prompts and basic info tags. These are similar features to what other dating apps offer, such as Hinge or Bumble. For example, profile prompts allow users to share their responses to statements like “The first item on my bucket list is…” or “Two truths and a lie.” The dating app claims that its recent Future of Dating report found that Gen Z values authenticity, depth, and connections that go beyond the surface.

The company is calling these additions a “rizz-first redesign,” which includes new prompts, zodiac sign info, and new animations. However, it’s unclear if these features are truly original.

In other news, the James Webb telescope has captured parts of the center of the Milky Way in “unprecedented detail.” The galactic center is about 300 light-years from the galaxy’s supermassive black hole and over 25,000 light-years from Earth, and it is considered as “the most extreme environment” in the Milky Way.

OpenAI has gone through some corporate drama, as CEO Sam Altman was ousted, but then most of the company’s staff have threatened to quit unless Altman and another executive are reinstated. Advertiser pullout is happening at X due to reports of ads from major brands running next to pro-Nazi content on the website, leading to X filing a lawsuit against the media watchdog group, Media Matters.